Night City War Machines

So what now?

OK so things have been crazy and moving fast.
What to do next?

Here’s what i’m working on.

-Finalizing contracts with vendors/council members for NCPD.
-Re outfitting PD and work on cleaning out the bad areas.
-Reevaluate all people on payroll mentally/physically log all cyberware
-Hospital rehab programs
-Involve good gangs in clean up program
-Pay out pension plan/death benefits – clean out bad eggs
-Work with strawberry on PD teams/boards
-Wait for response from Petrochem lady – fall out
-protect the mayor
-work on energy project – possibly with the city only
-work on bat cave
-complete the race dome

I want my power armor to be geared up for stealth, bombs(c4) and hand to hand – use energy source to power mono weapons (can that be done). I want to focus on taking out heavy weapons, av’s, tanks etc… Weaponize energy source for ammo also.


Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

After a night in the Hacienda, the group woke to messages from Doc Zombie, seeking their attention.

They made their way back, and through some clever recon and hacking, discovered that a missing Biotechnica scientist was seemingly implanted with, and living among the augmented Slaughterhouse boys.

Now Motumbo has arranged a business meeting with Sari Malakar of Biotechnica, in a bid to get Baracus inside for some discreet hacking, and possibly wrap up a nice, lucrative contract for the Corp.

Tracking the War Machines as far as they'll let us!

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

After Baracus found a car being pursued through Old Downtown by boosters on motorcycles, the team decided to hit the streets in pursuit. By the time the group arrived, the car’s tires were blown out, and the boosters were closing in. Motumbo drove the Scorpion over a pair of parked cars , while Onotunday poured round after agonizing round into the only two with guns. Baracus kept the cameras off them, the car’s driver got out, tried to arrest another booster before shooting him, and Motumbo chased off the last three by rushing at them with the Scorpion.

They paused for a moment, listening to the scanner crackle out the phrase “Officer needs assistance, Old Downtown…” while Baracus looked up the man’s photo. They had saved NCPD Lt. Patrick “Strawberry” O’Malley, and a young girl he had rescued from those same boosters. Onotunday and Strawberry saluted eachother, and the group peeled off towards home. Baracus, still deep inside the NCPD camera Net, saw a group of six Wild Things beating a man by an ATM, only minutes from their Warehouse/HQ. The group watched in disgust at the Wild Things got tired of beating the man, and opted instead to stab, and then shoot him, before gathering around the ATM, hoping to load his credchip up for a drug run. Onotunday dispensed sixty rounds of justice into the ’dorphers before Motumbo sped them home.

A Net54 story about Strawberry’s rescue of the missing girl convinced the group to lay low for a week or two, so any interest might die down. Over the next eleven days Motumbo attended a gala luncheon hosted by the Night City Chamber of Commerce, where he noticed a trio of men with generic-looking plastic surgery jobs hovering around Trenton Parker, the head of Petrochem’s Night City office. Onotunday and Baracus made some potential breakthroughs on new Power Armor tech: a neural interface that can get the suit very close to muscle reaction speed, and quick-change weapon pods. The city was unusually quiet up until Saturday, as rumors were flying of a major Corporate Somebody coming in, and causing the various police forces to clean the streets. Onotunday finally got a chance to take his lady out, and she mentioned that her girlfriend got a new job as a secretary at Petrochem, for someone with an office near the top of the building.

Saturday, March 14rd, 2020

Again, while monitoring cameras across Night City, Baracus spots something… odd. A pair of massively over-muscled (to the point of looking deformed, with muscles where they don’t belong under the skin, and asymmetrical, besides) men walking through Northside, covered in Slaughterhouse gang tats, eating a human leg. Still in a tactical pants leg, still with a tactical boot on, the pair tore flesh from it and gobbled it down in the middle of the street.

Needless to say, the group moved out, hot and fast. Watching them on the NCPD cameras, Baracus saw them fight like wild animals over the leg, while their own flesh knitted back together as they tore at one another with their rippers. By the time the trio arrived, the Slaughterhouse boosters had torn the leg in two, one was wandering around in a haze, shaking and twitching, while the other hammered at the bulletproof glass of a clothing shop with the shin bone of their victim until it broke in his hand. The glass, being so rude as to merely crack, was treated to a lesson in etiquette from the over grown boosters fists until the group arrived.

Onotunday blew the glass-haters left leg out from under him, sending him toppling into the dazed one, and leaving both of them sprawled on the sidewalk. He stared in horror as he watched the leg start to grow back almost immediately. Motumbo emptied a full SMG clip into the booster’s back, and threw the Scorpion around to give Baracus a shot at the other booster with the anti-borg SMG that hung from the rear. Baracus reduced the second booster to a thick slurry on the sidewalk, and Motumbo loaded the other booster’s mostly in-tact body into the back at Doc Zombie’s request.

The sound of AV’s filled the air, as news crews rushed to this part of Northside, which clung cancerously to the Corporate Center. The trio decided to lose their pursuers by driving right through Slaughterhouse territory, since the entire camera net was down there, and there was no way the cops would bother. Onotunday wasted a pair of the boosters who saw them, and they were off, with two sedans full of Slaughterhouse in hot pursuit.

The rear sedan had its trunk door converted into a throne for another giant booster, who beat furiously on the roof of the car. His cries of “Bring them to the House of God!” battled the engines and gunfire, but Onotunday’s ‘Borg gun ended that fight. While Motumbo kept them moving, Baracus ened the chase with a pair of three-round bursts: the first to the driver’s side tire of the lead car, the other to the face of the trailing car’s driver. The collided, flipped, caught fire, and disgorged a salad of limbs and frighteningly sharp cyberware. A few more moments of re-playing NCPD radio traffic over their own systems confused the cops long enough for the group to get home undetected.

Despite Onotunday’s ranting, Doc Zombie had the booster’s body laid out on his autopsy slab. He hooked it up to take blood and tissue samples, and as he turned away to talk to the party, the booster sat up and tried to strangle him. Onotunday kindly requested it lay back down with two rounds to the forehead, before Doc Zombie took the bonesaw to their new buddy’s neck.

An autopsy revealed a second stomach, what Doc Zombie described as a “reticulum,” similar to what cows uses to digest cud, and a strange enzyme he was unfamiliar with dwelling inside. The booster also had nine-tenths of a human finger in his stomach. Prints are being run on both.

Just another day in Night City.


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