Night City War Machines

So what now?

OK so things have been crazy and moving fast.
What to do next?

Here’s what i’m working on.

-Finalizing contracts with vendors/council members for NCPD.
-Re outfitting PD and work on cleaning out the bad areas.
-Reevaluate all people on payroll mentally/physically log all cyberware
-Hospital rehab programs
-Involve good gangs in clean up program
-Pay out pension plan/death benefits – clean out bad eggs
-Work with strawberry on PD teams/boards
-Wait for response from Petrochem lady – fall out
-protect the mayor
-work on energy project – possibly with the city only
-work on bat cave
-complete the race dome

I want my power armor to be geared up for stealth, bombs(c4) and hand to hand – use energy source to power mono weapons (can that be done). I want to focus on taking out heavy weapons, av’s, tanks etc… Weaponize energy source for ammo also.




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